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So after an overly long delay, The Gamer Studio was finally (re)launched this past monday. The overall theme was pretty much re-done, and the site itself is, for the most part, functional.

The Gamer Studio's new layout.

However, what seems to be lacking is more people and more content. If a gaming site is to get up off the ground, it’s going to need people with willpower. Furthermore, we could use better marketing to get ourselves out there. If we’re to succeed, we need a way to stand out amongst the crowd. If you’d like, visit TGS and tell us what you think. Or, if you have any suggestions, let me know. I guess it’s too early to say what will happen for now. Can’t say I’m all too distraught over it, though.

I’ve got a couple more projects on the horizon shore. One of which bleeds awesome.


Hint: It has to do with e-sports. 🙂

It’s not often I post on my blog. I try and keep it reserved for important things, such as life updates, or important occurrences that transcend the significane of a tweet or facebook update. Due to the irregularity of my posting, it’s not difficult to see that my life as of late hasn’t been all that exciting. When I returned to my blog’s canvas, I saw an untended field; a garden that I’ve neglected for quite a while. However, it’s not like I’m doing nothing. After quitting my job a few weeks ago, I’ve felt a resurgence of life, and have decided to focus my efforts on activities that I enjoy. Writing is one such thing.

I’ve been doing work for The Gamer Studio since October. The site was supposed to have been launched in January, but due to the fact that we really want to get it right, we’ve constantly postponed it. So far, we have a projected target relaunch date of April 11th. In fact, I’ve already written a bunch of content ready for publishing. I hope that all of the time and heart I’ve poured into this endeavor pays off or possibly, hopefully, leads into a career I’ll actually enjoy.

The past three years have taught me that there’s no point in living unless you find a love for what you do.