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Could success be beyond the door?

As one who follows me might know, I’ve been quite busy lately. This, however, is not a result of work or necessity; it is rather of my own accord. Recently, I’ve been training (Angela knows what I’m talking about) myself so that I may become a better writer. I’ve actually decided to put my creative writing on the back-burner for now, in favor of learning a more journalistic style of writing.

After lots of self-reflection, I decided to gravitate towards my passions – one of them being gaming. Those who know me know I’ve played video games for a long time, in fact, often longer than I’ve known that given individual. Combining two passions – gaming and writing – seems like a natural progression for me. As a matter of fact, I’m actually surprised I haven’t ventured further into this territory in the past. Aside from starting a blog on IGN, I’ve taken the initiative to volunteer as an editor at a start-up gaming site: It is there that I am training; learning to use my writing skills in a creative, enthusiastic, and more realistic fashion. The best part? I’m having a blast.

Even though I’m “working” more than I have in a long, long time, I feel more alive (if that makes any sense). While gaming used to be a way for me to kill time and escape the mundane-ness of normal life, I’ve turned this time-sink into something much more productive, but equally as entertaining. It’s almost as if I’ve found a job (albeit a non-paying one at the moment) doing something I actually enjoy. With this, feel I’ve entered a door. While I’m not sure where it’s going at this point, my instincts tell me one thing:

“Keep going.”