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I forgot where I read/heard this, but I was informed that 2010 was supposed to be a bad year for those born in the Chinese zodiac year of the Tiger. In retrospect, I suppose I half agree. I mean, there really wasn’t anything significantly good that happened to me last year — just another wave in the ocean that is life. However, because last year was so relatively uneventful, I feel like this year will be a period of change for me, though, for better or worse, I cannot say. All I can do is move forward with a self-discipline and an open mind.

There are actually many endeavors I plan to devote myself towards throughout the coming months:


First and foremost, I hope that we can get up and running as soon as possible. The site’s going through a bit of a “reboot” at the moment, and we plan to have a new layout, as well as loads of new content in the coming months. I’ve got quite a bit of gaming-related writing I’ve done behind the scenes, and am looking forward to publishing it. However, I’m also currently for other gaming sites to write for as well — it never hurts to have multiple projects running at once. Besides, I could definitely use the journalistic exercise.

Another writing endeavor I’ve had on the back-burner for a long time is a script — yeah, a script. One of my cousins is actually going to Chapman film school at the moment, and talked to me several months ago about me writing a script that he could possibly use. I’ve never written something of that magnitude, but I’m no doubt intrigued. I do have a couple of ideas, but for now it remains on the back-burner pending further inspiration.


It's awesome. However, I can't get it to work properly. Damn.

Ah, music. Savior of I, many a time. For christmas, I bought myself a Shure SM57 instrument mic — a very good professional quality piece of equipment. However, I’ve been having some issues with recording. For some reason, I can’t get an audible volume when I playback my recording. What the hell? Perhaps it has something to do with compatibility between my macbook and GarageBand. I just can’t figure it out. Regardless, I keep trying.

Also, just today, I finished recording a semi-crappy backing track for my friend Serene, who entered a create-a-song contest. She hasn’t recorded the vocals yet, but when they are recorded, I’ll post about it. I am unhappy with the recording, though. Since I couldn’t get my main setup working correctly, I had to adapt and record with an acoustic and my macbook built-in mic; it’s as classy as ghetto recording can get!


As for myself, I would really  like to get into shape. I’m not super fat, but working an office job has begun taking its toll. Fortunately, I refuse to let it take over. Hopefully I can manage to be consistent with working out. Sadly, I’ve been sick for the past week and a half. What a crappy time to be sick, you know? Christmas AND New Years. Bummer. Furthermore, playing an instrument looks a lot cooler when you’re in shape (like J from Luna Sea above). I’ve even changed my blog theme to reflect this new mindset. Ha.

However, what I plan to work on most, is my sense of self-discipline. I need to focus on what I plan to do and stay committed. I’ve made a lot of half-ass commitments in the past, and in the end, I found that to be pointless. Hopefully, with 2011 here and 2010 in the history books, I can move forward with my head and spirit held high.

Happy New Year, everyone!